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dougless r esper's Journal
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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
11:41 pm
drummer needed in cleveland
anyone know any drummers out there that are semi-responsible? we dont . .thats why the firmary is in search of a drummer . .again . . if you or someone you love plays drums and is looking for a band (in the vein of the cure meets social d meets faith no more) send em our way www.thefirmary.com or dougless@thefirmary.com or just call 216-376-0238 . .shows pending, recording pending . . thanks for your time
dougless r esper
Monday, January 31st, 2005
1:03 am
vas u drunk?
the firmary
well we spent sunday taking photos and having a band meeting rather then practice and it went well . . as good as we could have expected i guess. the website is very close to relaunching with a complete new look . .new bios, photos, music and more soon.

of course thursday at 1 pm we will be featured on tlc so watch the show!!

i cut my hair short this weekend and i know its a dumb time of year to do it cause its cold, but . .eh what the heck . .
and no one can say i dont support my families music cause i was wearing an olsen shirt for some of our photos . . hope they come out
Monday, January 24th, 2005
10:56 pm
waging war with my psyche
ho ho ho
the firmary is set to launch our new website in the next week or so, we will make our tv debut feb 3rd at 1pm on TLC the show perfect proposal check it out! we recorded a "new" song called the perfect polka proposal for the tv show and it will be available online when the new site launches . . its funny . .
we are taking photos next weekend with our new drummer eddie which will be nice to get him on the site . . check us out live at the hi-fi feb 26th and march 12th . .both will be great shows . . other then that michele is really good looking and im going to go read some dark tower book 5 . .seeya
Friday, January 14th, 2005
9:32 am
why ya gotta do us like that , yo
so tonight i leave for detroit with michele. we are going to visit my folks and as an added bonus go see infinite number of sounds :) we are leaving straight from me getting off work, and wont get in till late so we may just hit a bar and do some karaoke and let my parents sleep tonight.
the firmary has settled on a drummer who rocks his name is eddie and he is a west coast transplant just like william and mike . . yeah im the only bloke in the band from cleveland . . dammit . . he has leanred about 11 songs thus far and we have started writting a few new ones as well with him. a couple songs are still sitting on the shelf for now as we are in a time crunch to get tight by our feb 26th show at the hi-fi. his only drawback is his writsts they are f'ed up and sometimes cause him great pain which being a drumer is an obvious drawback. we are crossing our fingers and hoping he holds up. cool dude . .
the recording was pushed back once again so we could play a few shows 2 at the hi-fi feb 26th, march 12th and if things go right the shenoah cd release party which will either be at the agora or house of blues . .could be cool to play there
anywho, off to work then off to detroit . .see you on the flipside
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
11:51 pm
alla lone i fall . .or with people i do to
my harddrive died it sucks . .more on the way
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
9:38 am
artificial light
go check out www.infinitenumber.com great band called infinitenumberofsounds they will be releasing a disc in may, but in the meantime check out their first disc which is awesome
Friday, December 24th, 2004
10:32 am
yeah they'll come to water
happy holidaze
last night me and michele raced to the pirates cove in time to see the last 15 seconds of olsens set . . my sister plays bass for them . . i feel bad but blame mother winter . . work sucked yesterday the roads were shitty, but hey uim still alive.
today we are going to my brothers house for dinner and my folks are coming in town. then they are heading to south caroline for a while to visit his brother.
in other news matty is headed to florida for a month for work . . yeah thats right heis getting paid to go to florida and get out of this weather! he has to leave on sunday though so he only had like 4 days to pack . . hopefully i can sneak down and check out the sun.
in formary news mike wil be returning to cleveland in about a week and we will start preparing for our upcoming shows . .thats right i said it!

the firmary @ the hi-fi feb 26th!! for more info check out www.domaincleveland.com

we also have another show in the works for march but details are too scetchy at this point . .
www.thefirmary.com is getting a complete facelift and we hope it wins on THE SWAN

if your bored check out music i posted at

hope you enjoy and have a great day
dougless r esper
Monday, December 20th, 2004
10:38 pm
bell biv devo . .haha now you know
if you have a second check out some music i posted including a bizzare faith no more cover and a classic christmas remake for the holidays . . enjoy


in other news the firmary is playing feb 26th at the hi-fi more detials soon
dougless r esper
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
12:19 am
black the comedian guy . . whatever
yeah tyhe roads suck, its cold and snowy . . delivering in winter blows . .but gotta pay the bills . .by the way lets go buffalo . .the firmary is in the midst of trying out a cool drummer. he seems excited and as he is a transplant from the west coast he has a fresh outlook on our songs and is bringing back some energy we have sorely missed. i hope he pans out . . either way we are recording some demos, and are hard at work recording "the polka song" cause everyobne seems to have it stuck in thier heads and need to hear it again . . look for it as well as a brand new website for 2005.
michele is as always keeping herself busy, she recently made her directorial debut and i am damn proud!!!
see you all at [peabodys this saterday for ascension and state of conviction!
dougless r esper
Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
1:19 am
from this world
michele and i just got back from recording our vocal parts for the song "take me away" and i will say in all honesty they kick some arse! she knocked her parts out of the park!!! i am excited to hear this demo . . thus far we have completed
1. rusty
2. take me away
3. the approaching storm
4. borrowed wings

in january we are laying down all the percussion parts to comlete the cd . . in other news . . im going to bed
dougless r esper
Thursday, November 25th, 2004
12:06 pm
betray all the needs
happy thanksgiving . . go troops overseas, and hold tight

michele and i are heading to her parents in a couple minutes, adams drummer quit last night so if you know any drummers that like at the drive in, sparta, uhh . .maybe sensefeild . . the high life tragedy needs you asap.
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
11:51 pm
spotless mind
i had a 4 hour conversation with a complete stranger on the phone today . .wow . . i watchedeternal spots of sunshine valley . .err whatever it was called with jim carrey . . i loved it lots and lots go rent it asap . . i love michele, and am ready for turkey
Sunday, November 14th, 2004
11:18 pm
i am tired as tired can be . .drove to phillie for a wedding friday night and just got hopme . .one of micheles college freinds got married so it was nice to meet several people i had heard about but never met . . i am getting sick and am heading to bed, but i wanted to say hello. look for my review of the helmet show and more on domaincleveland soon. oh ya this mornin i had a real hillie cheesesteak . . it was awesome!
Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
12:55 am
life has been basically normal the past 2 weeks, i got engaged, filmed a tv show, moved to the east side, . . .you knowm tyical days in the life of dougless . . i got my internet connection hooked up today by the man matt and so i figured i'd let you know how i was . . michele and i are now fiancees and stuff, but dont look for a quick wedding . .we are talking fall of 06 or later. right now im consentrated on the band and the band . . well
i gotta get some sleep, but feel free to email dougless@thefirmary.com anytime!
Sunday, October 24th, 2004
6:00 pm
i saw the sign
the browns looked tough, but fell to the eagles, miche,le and i were busy arguing and getting stressed out over moving as the game unfolded. she took off for rehersal and i am here packing and moving more stuff . .we are 85 percent done and will be about 90 percent by days end if all goes well.
the firmary posted 2 new demo songs in the hopes of attracting a drummer at www.myspace.com/thefirmary . . check em out and lemme know what you think, k?
in other news . . the firmary is playing a free show this sunday during the day and you should all go . .i will post more detials tommorow
dougfashiondisco: aim
dougless r esper
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
8:04 pm
make a meal of your . .
i'll give mr edwards a minute to refit his ass which just got handed to him by dick . . i am not saying i loved what the republican had to say, but he schooled his opponent and made a much stronger, fact filled, straight forward case while the man on the other side of the desk avoided answering several questions and relying on age old stereo-types and myths to get by. edwards was no help to his party, but i dont think its a fault of his own he just has nothing to work with and was backed in a corner by his and kerrys horrid records and flip-flopping agendas. so you ask after watching this debate who am i voting for . . . ? i say whomever the third party candidate is . . whomever brings something fresh and honest to polotics . . and right now i can tell you it isnt anyone from the major parties that will get my vote. please feel free to contact me and tell me why i am wrong.
in other news michele and i are moving to cleveland heights this month and just put a deposit on a nice upstairs half of a house with 2 guest rooms so we better be seeing you all paased out at our place soon!
dougless r esper
Monday, September 27th, 2004
2:24 pm
i didnt mean to cause a commotion . . courtney and rob are not dating they are freinds that hang out alot . . period end of story . .browns suck, not having a drummer sucks, drama sucks, and so do you
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
12:04 am
where a rat can glut
wednesday the 22nd . . .
i have a head cold from hell, but am confident tonight i will sleep it off . .the new job is nice and its much easier to wake up for work for this company then it was for praxair. michele started a new job and we both work on the eastside so we are moving that way soon.
we watched 50 first dates tonight and it was good. we also bought big fish which we saw in the theater together and loved. it has some cool special features that i am sure will be fun
the firmary is still on the drummer search, but we have decided to get a drummer for some studio work and make a good quality demo . .more on that very soon.
my dad got a new car, my parents and sister went to a baseball game tonight, and the tribe luckily won . .courtney i guess is dating rob from shenoah . .william wrote a japanese disco song that is in the running to be on a big soundtrack so we have our fingers crossed for him.
other then that life is good, and its time for bed
dougless r esper
Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
11:17 am
bag me a homer . . or drummer
the fact the firmary has no drummer is really draining on us. we practiced last night over at williams and played our songs accusticaly which sounds good, but dammit we want to be at the space rocking out and sweatin and writing tunes . . officially our songlist looks like this

dear ndugu
the approaching storm
blu harvest
take me away
new again
price to pay
blink of an eye
wine and gold
short story long
borrowed wings
love and a microphone

i think thats it . .though we have a couple others not yet done, but close . . anywho we sounded purdy good, but again i want to be at full strength . .i dont know when or where we will find this drummer i just hope its soon. in the meantime check out www.domaincleveland.com i am doing a lot of reviews and interviews for them, and when you go make sure to click on our main banner advertisment for a cool event oct 2 sponsered by toyota
oo yeah also i am moving to the east side of cleveland soon which should be a blast . . err maybe . .
and the new job is really good the company has treated me waaay better then praxair ever did and i dont dread waking up everyday.
dougless r esper
Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
7:43 pm
ego crash
hello jurnalists how are things? hopefully swell! i am happy today the tribe kicked some arse over in new york . . i started my new job and it has been interesting and i think good to get me woken up before noon each day(barely) . . the firmary has been uber busy recently we recorded a demo of a new song called borrowed wings which came out nice . . we also have worked with a few drummers as chris might be too busy for us at this point . . the session itself went well though the guy hated my vocals . . in fact here is an except of his thoughts on my singing ability . .or lack thereof:

" am not sure if this is a bit to critical but, I really like the sound of the instruments and the arrangement of the songs, I just think the Vocals Suck. Way Out of Keyyyyyyy....It was horrible, It degrades the sound greatly, very distracting. I really think you should consider getting a new vocalist or buy him some kind of automated pitch controller.
I would really like to work with on one hand but I am not sure I could sit thru all that howlling.....LOL..." EZRA

ouch!! lol well i guess the saying that you cant please everyone is true . . luckily for now the guys have decided to stick with me on vocals and send this guy packing . . he is entitled to his opinion, and i never claimed to be a great vocalst so no reason to get nasty . . plus the fruitcake was a white sox fan and he used to be in vanity crash a band which i losthe and use as an example of what i usually dislike in music . . more EGOBELL!
in any case we continue on . . michele and i are searching for a new home on the east side of cleveland as we both work over there and drive an hour to work each morning . . michele is crazy busy with her new play and though the goings are rough i think she will be a bright spot on stage each night . . the play runs sept/oct and is called bye jeeves. it will be at the beck center in lakewood on the mainstage so if you wanna go email me and i'll get you more info so you can see her in action
ok go tribe!
dougless r esper
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